About Us

Headquartered in South Jordan Ut, and bottled in Norcross, GA, StartDust was born out of necessity. Business Analyst and soon-to-be-be father, Dallin Gale founded NoYo Nutrition after noticing how so many toddlers are instantly addicted to sugar once they get their first taste and often reject everything else. Upon seeing his own nieces and nephews struggle with this, and with a baby of his own on the way, he realized a great tasting, sugar-free, vitamin & mineral enhanced alternative to sugary juices and soda was sorely needed.

Dallin wanted to find a way to ease the struggle and help mitigate sugar dependence and the rise of childhood obesity. Soon after, NoYo Nutrition was established and their first product, a sugar-free vitamin-enhanced powder called StartDust (Name Credit goes to Dallin's wife, Crystal Gale) that could be used to adapt everyday foods and snacks into low-calorie healthy alternatives, was born.