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Born out of necessity

Our Story

" I'm NoYo Nutrition's founder and new Dad, Dallin Gale. To understand the story of NoYo Nutrition, you need to understand the story behind our products..."

Start Dust

"I have a son with severe texture aversion to solid food. He can't even watch or listen to people eat solid food without gagging. Our only choice, for now, is to feed him homemade, pureed baby food. It's easy to make healthy baby food, but if the flavor is too much of a surprise, or if the texture is too different, it has the same effect on him as solid food. Giving him a variety of food was too difficult. I needed something with vitamins and minerals that I could add to his diet, so I got together with some nutritionists and we created Start Dust. A sugar-free, flavored vitamin powder that can ensure he'll get all the vitamins and minerals he needs. Whether we add some Red Creme to his fruit and veggie baby purees or make him some chocolate milk (his favorite), my wife and I can relax knowing that he's not missing any of the essential vitamins or minerals kids need to develop properly."

NoYo Keto

In the same way that I created Start Dust for my son, I created NoYo Keto Meal replacement for myself. There are two reasons: Reason 1: Becoming a father made me realize how important it is to take care of myself so that I can keep up with my two sons. I'm 35 now, but my oldest turns 16, I'll be turning 50. I'm a tall guy who's always carried 20-60lbs more weight than I should and my knees have taken a toll. It's time to lose weight and get healthier. Reason 2: Since I was about 24, I've had random bouts of severe pericarditis every few months. The doctors don't know what's causing it and the only thing my blood work has told us is that I'm inflamed for some reason. I started the Keto diet because of Reason 1. Once I did, I noticed my pericarditis disappeared immediately. If I cheat on the diet, it comes back. It appears that the Keto diet really does need to be a lifestyle for me rather than just a diet and that's fine with me! However, eating Keto requires a lot of work and planning. More than I'm willing to do for every meal. So, I started looking into meal replacements, but I found them all to be so lacking in nutrients and their flavors so one-dimensional...I wanted something that tasted different every day that also had things that others don't like Omega 3's, electrolytes and probiotics. If Keto was going to be a major part of my life now, I wanted to make the best of it. So I set off to build the best Keto Meal replacement I could, and a year later, NoYo Keto Meal Replacement was born.

Our Mission

"NoYo Nutrition has one purpose. To make zero-sugar, low-carb, high-nutrition supplements and meal replacements that go beyond your expectations. We want you to be able to compare our products with the competition and easily walk away being able to see and feel the difference."





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